Chicken Feed Quilts Fresh ideas with modern country flair
My Patterns
No. 101
Coco's Garden
55" x 55"
Easy to make tabletopper
or use for a wall hanging.
Spring Garden
28" x 36"
This wall hanging combines cottons
and wool for that warm, natural feel.
No. 102
Winter Wonderland
20" x 34"
Fun, easy and whimsical!
No. 103
Rise n' Shine
42" x 51"
A farmhouse would not be complete
without this one!
No. 104
Spring Blossoms
20" x 34"
Fast and easy.  Is sure to put you into the
spring spirit!
No. 105
Pumpkin Spice
56" x 56" favorite time of year!  Makes a wonderful table
No. 106
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Grandma's Quilt
61" x 75"
This is true country heritage.  Easy pieced
blocks create this down home quilt.
No. 107
Farm Friends
18" x 33"
I just love Spring and so do my animals!
No. 108
Plaid Pumpkins
40" x 53"
Fall is my favorite time of year.  The entire quilt is
made with plaid fabric...what could be better?!!
No. 109
All Things Fall
20" x 46"
wallhanging is
great for a door
or a narrow wall.
No. 111
Harvest Season
20" x 33"
Celebrate harvest with this quick and
easy wallhanging!
No. 110
Wonderland Tree
48" x 48"
Wrap your tree
this Christmas
with this adorable
country tree skirt!!
No. 112